About ALTA

We are an academy that specializes in the education and training of individuals in many countries to find local and international jobs. We prepare you for these job opportunities and any skills that might be needed. ALTA is expanding its operation to provide work opportunities to skilled workers in over 60 countries worldwide.

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Extensive Training

ALTA offers comprehensive preparation and training programs to help interested applicants be prepared for the desired international visa programs. Our Programs cover general education for Basic Math, Computer Skills, English Communication Skills, and Career Services. ALTA programs cover Safety Rules and Regulations as well as Worker Rights and Laws.

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Recruiting Opportunities

ALTA is offering recruitment opportunities for companies and individuals who are interested in joining ALTA's ever-expanding Recruitment Network. Our network spans over 60 countries. Help locate and train prospective applicants today!

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A Worldwide Training Network for Jobs and Careers

ALTA is a leading training academy that matches your skills with the right job. We are gathering and providing work opportunities based on the demand within your own home country and other countries. These countries face shortage in labor such as United States, Sweden, Canada, Germany, and Australia. We also hire job recruiters worldwide to help with the qualified workers' journeys to the desired country.